Shante Atkins

What to do with a Biology

Many people prabably wonder what they can do with a biology major.  What makes this so complex to solve is that its so simple.  There ate 100’s of things to do with a biology major.  Some examples are marine biology, microbiology, entomology, systematic biology, and many more.  To top it off, each of the fields of biology can be divided into subcategories (professions.)  The only part that may seem difficult to some people is trying to decide which field of biology they are most interested in.

The only way for someone to find out what field is best for them is to just try out different fields that they think they may like.  A profession in biology can only be determined upon the individual themselves.  A great biologist focuses on what he or she is most inspired by.

For help on finding a field to specialize in check out the National Science Foundation, one of the biggest bio interships.

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