Jose Barrientos

  “Kill Bill… H.R. 3261”

Given the recent protests in the months before regarding the SOPA bill there should be an overwhelming support to dismiss this bill, Right?

But the fact that its being indefinitely postponed tells a lot about the lawmakers and very little about the protesters.

The power of the protesters only have the ability to briefly stop the bill but the lawmakers have the power to bring back that bill whenever its convenient for them to do so.

The very language of the bill is vague because it would allow the government to shut down entire sites if a person should accidental show a clip from a popular movie or picture.

The bill would also pose a significant risk to popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter because it would cripple user’s say by having the site shut down because of something one person linked or said over the site.

This bill would basically give the government the power to extremely regulate or severely limit its functions by their standards.

Letting this bill go through would risk yet another industry in which more and more jobs would be lost in an economy that can’t afford to do that.

If websites really felt threatened by “intellectual property acts” then sites like Wikipedia would seize to exist.

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