Semester district credit enrollment data for Chaffey has been released for Spring 2012.

Full time student enrollment is at 69 percent.

The majority of students reside in and around the Chaffey district.

There is a small, 1.4 percent of out of state/international students that bring additional diversity to the campus.

In a society that is continually attempting political correctness at every step, The enrollment data information offers, some unusual statistic descriptions.

For example, under the category of  student ethnicity district population; there is data on several races represented by our student body.

Hispanic, 52 percent, African American,11.3 percent, Caucasian, 22.5 percent, Asian, 5.7 percent.

The oddity of the groups is 4.0 percent “other.” Who really knows what that means?

Another interesting statistic is that of student gender.

While the female population stands strong at 56 percent, the men pull in a close second at 39.2 percent.

interestingly, we have the category of “unknown” gender coming in third place at 3.9 percent.

Unknown, an interesting term for gender.

According to a public post of notes from the Agenda of the meeting of the Chaffey College District Governing Board on April 26, the Chaffey college Mission statement is:

“Chaffey College improves the lives within the diverse communities it serves

through equal access to quality occupational, transfer, general education, and

foundation programs in a learning-centered environment where student success

is highly valued, supported, and assessed.”

Base on the Credit enrollment data, there does seem to be great diversity throughout Chaffey’s campus’.

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