David Dehn

More than meets the eye (Mental Health in the college Classroom workshop)

Every student has their own set of difficulties to overcome on day to day basis.

The significant other left you over a text, the car decided that today it is not going to start, or hitting that snooze button for the third time was not such a good idea.

But all of these problems that we might feel are going to be the end of our journey of a higher education it might be a good idea to look around every once in awhile.

Some students have more on their plate then a long line at the book store, yet they move forward striving and acquiring the same amount of education that is available to all of us.

For some students their added challenge to their school life is more noticeable. Manuel Rivas is a new student who lost his vision a few years ago and is not letting that hold him back.

“Before you start school, go to the DPS center and get the resources you need,” Rivas said.

The DPS program has helped Rivas out greatly but he still has his own check list that he feels are a must, Phone, recorder, screen reader and a pearl camera. The number one thing that Rivas feels that is a must for every student with or without disability is drive.

“You just have got to want it,” Rivas said. “There’s noo excuse for a visually impaired student not to succeed.”

Though not everything about a student who has it harder than most is so noticeable and that applies to Marilyn Mitchell and Daniel Vargus.

At first glance there would be nothing amiss, in fact if they were not to mention anything most students would never know.

Marilyn a grandmother and a returning student after a forty year break. This semester is her third semester back at school and she is “Ready to embrace the future” said Marilyn.

Marilyn at younger age skipped out on class because of her disability and kept falling behind until it was too late to turn. But enough was enough for her and she started her track towards an education here at Chaffey with one good class “A good guidance class that was the ice breaker” said Marilyn.

And with that guidance class Marilyn has planned out and kept up with her classes since then not without the occasional bump in the road but nothing that she couldn’t handle.

Like Marilyn Daniel can walk through the campus and no one would ever guess that on top of everyday challenges that everyone has to face he has a little more to overcome.

Daniel has been diagnosed with Border line personality disorder or how he puts it “I put a barrier up between myself and others” said Daniel “Every decision is all or nothing”.

Jokingly Daniel said it does have its advantages, if he wants to pass a class he is taking nothing is going to stop him though “Leads to losing sleep sometimes”.

These are just three students on the campus of Chaffey that face the day with more challenges then most of us will ever have too and they don’t let it stop them.

So there should be no excuse for the rest of us to try our best for our education.

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