Editors:  Julie Cosgrove, online editor, Jake Baylor, print editor

May 6, 2015

Contributors in the order their stories appear:

Christina Polston,  “Putting Palestine Back on the Map.”

Marina Girgis, “My Grandfather’s Ranch.”  One Book One College Essay Contest winner.

Rukmini Ravi, “The Present, a Gift Taken for Granted.”  One Book One College Essay Contest winner.

Tyler Joshua Frederick, “Rabid Zombies: 28 Days Later.”

Robert Schmitt,  “Diabetes Dogs.”

Patrick Jiminez, “Compassion is not Morality.”  Originally published in

Adriana Rafferty, “Half of a Face.”

Patrick Jiminez, “Too Much Weakness.”   Originally published in

Analissa Hurtado, “A Different Kind of Couple.”

Chelsea Briers, “Black’s Beach.”

Liliana Mercado, “Working the Juice.”

February 2, 2015

Contributors in the order they appear:

Christina Polston, “A Liberal Prism or Ignorance: How Should We Think of Muslims?”

Kirk McConnell, “Je Suis, Nous Sommes.”

Reyna Cornell, “How I Learned to Lie.”


January 12, 2015

Contributors in alphabetical order are:

Louie Aragon, “Time to Stand Up:  My Story”

Julian Aiden Bravo, “My Tonsillectomy:  bye, bye Turkey”

Hanajun Chung, “The Top 10 Films of 2015”

Bailee Epperson, “Darkness in the World”

Dylan Gronseth, “The Claremont Village”

Amanda Billie Guerrero, “The Atheist, Devil Worshipping Baby Eater”

Yijie Huo,  a painting by Applehuo

Michelle Menes, “Geocaching:  Hunting Hidden Treasures”

Mark Nevarez, “Souring Agriculture in the Cucamonga Valley”

Natalie Thomas, “My Tonsillectomy: bye bye Turkey”



Editors:  Julie Cosgrove, editor, and Jake Baylor, design, layout and photo editor

August 18, 2014

Contributors, in alphabetical order are:

Endira Alvarez,  “The Guilt I Carry”

Hanajun Chung, “Cinephile’s Dilemma”

Karina Colorado, “Concrete Angel”

Julie Cosgrove, “An Adjunct’s Dilemma” and “The Great             Recession, Staying in Place”

Brittny Delgado, “Making Long Distance Relationships Fly”       and “Movin’ on up with the DPS” 

Bailee Epperson, “Gone”

Val Gonzales, “The Soapbox: Whither Journalism?”

Sean Henry,  photos from the inland empire

Austin Pacheco, “Heroin, Cheap, Easy and on the Rise”

Francisco Paz, “Everything Zen”

Chris Salazar, “Thinking About Environmentalism”

Ernest Washburn, “I Have Gone to War and Now I Can            Issue My Complaint”



May 2014:

Christopher Haidl, poetry editor

The contributors in the order their stories appear:

Julie Cosgrove, “Riverside Artswalk”

Janet Cramer-Trenier, “Breeze Gallery: painting and photography”

Ryan Geluz, “Exile and the Kingdom”

Nancy Yeang, “Distanced Love”

April 14, 2014

Sean Henry, “Miyatake Oyasin (We Are All Related)”

Michelle Jones, “The Beth”

February 10, 2014

Sara Goding, “Love Sick”

Maribel Felix, “Crappy Valentine’s Day”

Andrea Duran, “Temporary Insanity”

Lorena Rositas, “Seasons”

Valeen Gonzalez, “Dice, Dice Baby”

James Rodriguez, “Alma Mater, Soul Mother”

Sean Henry, “Scorching Desert Tongue”

Brian Pollorena, “Photographer’s Gallery”

Maurice Jackson, “A Place of Awkward”

Joshua Walters, “Slang”


December 4, 2013

Editors:  Julie Cosgrove, editor,  Nancy Yeang, copy editor, Christoph Haidl,  poetry editor,  Justin Kenwood, media editor

The contributors in the order their stories appear:

Andrea Duran, “Starved”

Jake Baylor,  Portfolio

Mark Dietzel, “Step Right Up”

Sara Sandoval, “Guerrilla Girls, Family, My Life”

Hanajun Chung, “DIY Film Making”

Carly Owens,  “Soapbox”

Jimmy Purcell, “I’d Rather Not Be Saved”

Matthew Masters, “Thinh Nguyen, a Simple Man’s Journey”

Allison Turman, “Love Me or Love Me Not”

Lou Perez, “Mirror…Mirror…on the wall…”


August 14, 2013

Editorial Staff:

Julie Cosgrove, editor

Nancy Yeang, copy editor

Justin Kenwood, media editor

The writers who created the baseline magazine, as their stories appeared:

Olivia Rodriguez, “Tyler Rouse,” staff writer, Chaffey Breeze.

Anthony Santiesteban, “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat,” staff writer, Chaffey Breeze.

Kirk McConnell, writer and artist, Chaffey Breeze, Chaffey Review.

Ryan Geluz, staff writer, Chaffey Breeze.

Nancy Yeang, copy editor, the base line magazine.  Nancy has a degree in International Studies and has taught in Japan and Cambodia and is currently studying writing at Chaffey.

Valeen Gonzalez, editor-in-chief, Chaffey Breeze.

Melissa Lewis, Chaffey Review

Hanajun Chung, media editor, Chaffey Breeze.

Isaiah McNair-Wilson, theChaffey Review.

Steve Bovi, formerly editor-in-chief, Chaffey Breeze, writer, filmaker, lead singer of Bourbon Missile Crisis.

Nicholas S. Tito, biomedical engineering and economics major, football player, teacher, fitness enthusiast.

Virginia Lucero, writer, grandmother, formerly lab tech,Chaffey Breeze.

April 22, 2013:

Editorial staff:

Julie Cosgrove, editor

Richard Scott, design editor

Justin Kenward, media editor

Sara Goding, copy editor

The writers and photographers who created the base line magazine (listed as the articles appear):

Patrick Jiminez,

Rocio Medina, art history major

Isaiah Mcnair-Wilson, The Chaffey Review

Julie Shafer, instructor of photography, Chaffey College

Sara Goding, copy editor, the base line magazine

CJ Caldwell, staff, Chaffey Breeze

Alissa Krivashei, “Parents of Today”

Hanajun Chung, video editor, Chaffey Breeze

Maria Barragan, founder of SAFE, Chaffey College

Raul Rodriguez,  photographer, Chaffey Breeze

November 2012:

Alissa Krivashei, advanced journalism, story and photos

Doug Walsh, adviser, Chaffey Breeze

Patrick Jiminez, advanced journalism

Alex Martinez, staff writer, Chaffey Breeze

Valeen Gonzales, staff writer and photographer, Chaffey Breeze

Kim Gonzales, staff writer and photographer, Chaffey Breeze

Sara Godding, online editor, Chaffey Breeze

Isaiah McNair-Wilson, advanced journalism

Jessica Rubio, editor-in-chief, ChaffeyBreeze

Sichen Hernandez, AP Club of Chaffey College

October 2012:

Gianni Marasco, staff writer, Chaffey Breeze, “Endeavor,”  “Mars Rover Curiosity”

Julie Cosgrove, editor, the base line magazine, “Ho’olaule’a”, “Endeavor, a video”;

Gary Byrd, photographer, Chaffey Breeze

Darleine Heitman, photographer, Chaffey Breeze

Val Gonzales, staff writer, Chaffey Breeze

Kimberly Johnson, photographer, Chaffey Breeze

Justin Kenward, media editor

Jessica Rubio, editor-in-chief, Chaffey Breeze

Luis Suarez, staff writer, Chaffey Breeze

May 2012:

Writers:  Sichen Hernandez, secretary, Associated Press Club, “California Dreaming…an  Undocumented Story”

Erica Smith, staff writer, Chaffey Breeze, “Erica’s Sex Survey”

Sevanny Campos, sports editor, Chaffey Breeze, “Basketball Highlights”

Paloma Solis, staff writer, Chaffey Breeze, “Drinking and Driving”

Jennifer Camarillo, Chaffey Dental Club, “Toothy Questions, Straight Answers”

Photographers:  Gary Byrd, photographer, Chaffey Breeze

Darleine Heitman, photo editor, Chaffey Breeze

Carley Owens, photographer, Chaffey Breeze

Andreas Vargas, photographer, Chaffey Breeze

Joe Worrell, photographer, Chaffey Breeze

Breeze Videos:

Kelly Bowen, video  editor, Chaffey Breeze

Hanajun Chung, staff writer, Chaffey Breeze

Reporters’ Notebook:

David Dehn

Mario Pinzon

Kelsey Ogle

Janet Trenier

Donna Davis

Shante Atkins

Jose Barrientos

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