Rabid Zombies: 28 Days Later

by Tyler Joshua Frederick.  

Hello, friend, welcome back. You came at just the right time for another zombie story, for since I have last seen you, I have turned more of my friends into zombies and I have gotten used to living my life as a zombie. Yes, I am still wearing my favorite Titanic shirt. Why is there blood all over my face? Well, I was just finishing eating this really good rabid coyote when you came, really tasty. Well, let me update you with the events that occurred when I started the zombie outbreak.

Now, let us briefly go back as to why the zombie apocalypse happened. If you remember, I became a zombie and I went and turned my closest friends into zombies because the bloody FDA botched the job and passed an infected meat which went to Mimi’s, went to me, who ate it, got sick, died, woke up as a zombie, and turned my friends into the walking dead.  If I ever catch those who turned me into this, I am going to eat them, brains and all.

Well, it has been twenty-eight days since Rancho Cucamonga was evacuated, became a City of Zombies. My beloved Chaffey, my second home, has even become a Ghoul School. At first, I felt bad, because I left my dearest friend, Sir Neil Watkins without a job. When Chaffey closed by the zombie outbreak, everybody lost their jobs. I wasn’t sure if I could get used of living my life as a zombie, I had my whole life ahead of me. I was on my way to becoming a Cunard captain commanding the Cunarders. But because I ate that bloody steak that the FDA didn’t check, everything I wanted to be died.  Eventually, with each passing day, I got used to it, until finally I, as the song goes, let it go. And I am not alone, I got my three good friends, Michael Howell, Kevin Santos, and Joshua Krug turned into zombies and more besides.

Shortly after the evacuation of Rancho Cucamonga, there were no more humans nearby to eat.  I turned to Michael and I said, “Need… to eat… humans.” He just went “Uh.”  Kevin said “Brains. I want… human brrrrains.” Josh suggested “Desert…. Mojave Desert.”  So, the army of 88 zombies, led by me and includingMichael, Kevin, Josh, and our then newest zombie members, Henry Sunland and Oscar, shifted, grunted, and walked our way a long distance to the desert and Kevin’s old home, Pinon Hills.

In Pinon Hills, the Rancho Cucamonga survivors were making the most of their new home and there was even talk about establishing a new Rancho Cucamonga. in the downtown part of this small town, there was a meeting hall and inside the meeting hall, a group of twenty people were  discussing what to do about both food and out to deal with the zombies. They decided to send out two groups: one group to go find food in Barstow and another group to dispatch the zombies. Leading the Zombie Hunters was Chris Salazar and with him, Sir Neil Watkins, former English teacher, Sean Anderson, Julie Cosgrove, Anthony Gomez, two pleasantly plump men, David Okonyan and Kyle, and Math whiz, Mario who has earned the reputation of Super Mario because he has successfully completed zombie missions all over California, and has been looked up to by kids. With cheers from the assembled crowd, the Zombie Hunters left for the spot of the Mojave desert for a epic battle between the hunters and the zombies.

While the Zombie Hunters were going to the desert, we passed Victorville still stumbling, shifting, walking towards our destination with me as the leader, and Josh the Second in Command. Our army looked like something out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and all we’re  doing is saying “Brains,” other times we just moan and groan.

Meanwhile, the zombie hunters were hunting zombies, but one hunter, Sir Neil Watkins, wasn’t thrilled about his role. He felt guilty about what happened; both his students were zombies and with them the two friends I invited on that fateful night. But it wasn’t his fault and he knew it, but he felt guilty anyway, and it’s because Josh and I were the best in his class. Sir Watkins knew he had to kill the zombies but did not want to kill me or my three friends. He felt that he couldn’t live with himself if he did and he would rather kill himself than kill me and my three zombie friends. Sir Watkins, my friend, mentor, and teacher, is the kind of compassionate man I admire.

Chris Salazar, the leader of the zombie hunters turned around and looked at Sir Watkins melancholy face and asked, “What is the matter”? Watkins replied, “I don’t think I can do this. Two of those zombies were my best students and Tyler,” and he started crying, “He wanted to be a Cunard captain, a captain commanding Cunard liners. I don’t want to kill them.” Chris turned on the guilt ridden Watkins, “Listen, Neil! There is nothing you can do for Tyler nor Josh. Yes, I am sorry for him, Tyler had such passion for ocean liners. But Tyler is one of the dead now, so it’s kill a zombie or become one yourself!”  Anthony Gomez chimed in, “Chris is right, Neil. Tyler is one of them now, there is nothing we can do.” Sir Watkins turned on Anthony and said with conviction, “What the bloody hell do you care?! Look at you! You’re wearing super-tight navy blue Jeans and a tight black t-shirt and for what? To impress the ladies. Tyler was your friend too, and now you act as though he’s really gone, and you’re telling me, ‘He’s one of them.’ I wish he was here right now, I would fed him to you!”

No sooner had he finished chewing out Ant, when Sean Anderson went “Shhh. I hear something.” David Okonyan a pleasantly plump history teacher, was shaking in his knees, “What is that?” Then came the groaning and moaning, at first it was faint, then as we got closer, it got louder and louder, until finally, the chanting came as we, the zombies said “brrrrains, brrrrains.”

“The zombies!” Chris yelled, “Shoot! Aim for their heads! Kill them!”

Sir Neil Watkins lifted up his M16 and pointed it towards me, but immediately upon seeing my face, remembered what I used to be. “Sir Watkins!” the image said, then he pointed the gun at Josh, anded the same thing happens when he saw Josh’s face “Mr. Watkins,” the image of Josh said. It was too much for Sir Watkins to handle, so he dropped his gun, breaking down as he ran, “I can’t do it! I can’t! I can’t kill two of my best students even if they are zombies!”

Chris saw Sir Watkins running away, and he was furious, “Neil, you bloody coward! Get back here!” Unfortunately for Chris, he was so angry at Watkins’ “running away” that he did not see the 7 zombies behind him and he was taken down very easily and the zombies ate him, brians and all. Julie, Mr. Okonyan, Sean, Matt, Mario, and Anthony all heard him screaming. “CHRIS!!”! Sean yelled and he moved to try to get the zombies off,  only to be  bitten on the left side of the neck by me.  I ripped a titanic sized chunk of flesh off him. He was pretty tasty and so was his blood. Then Josh and I spotted Matthew Sanchez and we were after him like the rabid zombies that we were. Matt tried to shoot both of us, but it was futile. We took his left arm and bit two chunks off,I took the upper part of the arm and Josh took the forearm.

Anthony just couldn’t believe it. His friends were getting wiped out, Chris was already killed and Sean got zombified in just 62 seconds, Ant did not want to be a zombie, so he went Scooby Doo and ran screaming for his life. Anthony ran as fast as his legs could carry him, he saw a huge log in his path and jumped over it like a hurdle.  Unfortunately, there was a big pool of quicksand and Anthony landed in it with his feet sucked in. He started sinking. Anthony yelled, “QUICKSAND!!!” and he struggled trying to get out but he only succeeding in sinking faster. In ten seconds he was to his knees, twenty seconds to his upper thighs, twenty-five seconds to chest, and still sinking, thirty to his shoulders, “Help me! Somebody help me, please!!”  But it was too late, thirty-five seconds after landing in the quicksand, his head went under, and then his right arm. Anthony Gomez sank in forty seconds after landing in quicksand due to struggling.

Matthew Sanchez was essentially mortally wounded. He was infected with zombie bites in his arm left by me and Josh, and the blood was pouring out of his wounds. Matthew knew that unless he did himself in, he would become one of the zombies. After seeing Anthony get sucked under by quicksand, he decided that this is how he would end it. “Anthony, I will be coming with you,” he said as he stepped into the same quicksand that claimed Ant. Unlike Ant, he didn’t struggle, he just allowed the quicksand to do its thing. In twenty seconds, Matthew was to his knees, at twenty-five to his thighs, thirty to his waist, at forty-five seconds to his chest and at that point, the quicksand stung his left arm, at fifty, he was up to his neck. He looked at the battle for the last time, “Goodbye, guys,” his last words were, then he exhaled and sank out of sight. Matthew sank in quicksand in 62 seconds, preferring to die  rather than become a zombie.

Julie Cosgrove was a beautiful woman, before Chaffey become a ghoul school, she worked for the Chaffey newspaper and magazine, respectively called The Breeze and the Base Line. She was  just doing her job when the authorities ordered the evacuation of Rancho Cucamonga. Now, like the unfortunate Chris Salazar, Anthony Gomez, Matthew Sanchez, and Sean Anderson, she became a Zombie Hunter. She didn’t do a bad job for a lady, she gave all she got, but there just too many zombies. She took down four zombies, but none of the bullets hit me, Josh, Kevin, Michael, Henry, and the newly zombified Sean. Then, we started going after her. The fact that she was a lady didn’t register with me anymore. she just tried to kill us, so why should she be spared? Julie turned and ran to join Sir Watkins as she knew that staying meant death, so she ran as a way to stay alive.

David Okonyan was in a very dire position. His pleasantly plump body made him an easy target for the zombies, so groaning and moaning, we went after him. We lost twenty-two zombies but there were still sixty-six and my zombie friends and I were still going, as well as the new member, Sean. Okonyan was shakingly pointing his M16 gun at us, saying “Stay away! STAY AWAY FROM ME!”  He pulled the trigger but the gun jammed, and we were getting closer. He threw the gun at us and ran for his life.

“Please, I don’t wanna die!!!” ! David Okonyan yelled as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Unfortunately, he ran right into a another quicksand pit and went right up past his knees. Still scared, he tried to move but he started sinking faster “QUICKSAND!!!!”  He screamed “Oh, God! Help! Somebody help me, PLEASE!!”  His scream reached the ears of the remaining survivors decimated by the battle, Sir Watkins, Julie, and Mario were within hearing range of Mr. Okonyan. They saw him sinking fast in the quicksand and they ran to try and save him. Meanwhile Mr. Okonyan was sinking fast, even though he stopped moving, his own weight was making him sink rapidly and was now to his chest, and he continued to yell for help. “Neil, help me! I’m sinking fast! Help me, please! I’m going under!”  Sir Watkins responded, “David, hold on!”    Mr. Okonyan’s head went under leaving only his right arm above the quicksand. Risking his life, Sir Watkins lay on his stomach in the quicksand and grabbed Mr. Okonyan’s hand before it went under.  Julie   “Julie, grab my ankle, quick!”  Sir Watkins said. And as she did so, Mario grabbed both of Julie’s ankles and together, they pulled Mr. Okonyan out of the quicksand saving him from a slow, agonising death. “Thank you,” he managed, grateful to be alive. “You’re welcome.”  Sir Watkins said.

“Let’s get out of here,” Sir Neil Watkins said. He took a look at the incoming zombie army still being led by me and Josh, and saw the carnage of the battle with a great number of the Zombie Hunters eaten and the big guy,   Kyle just now getting up and joining the walking dead.  Sir Watkins took a final look of the zombie Army and said “Hang in there, Tyler and Josh,” then the survivors went back to Pinon Hills.

Of the twenty Zombie Hunters in the battle of the zombies, only four survived. We lost 22 zombies, but we gained four new zombies. when the battle was over, we picked up the leftovers and went back to Old Rancho Cucamonga. So, now we have human leftovers and coyotes.

I love my life as a zombie. You should join us. Come on, come join us. Listen to the crowd, they want you to join us. Let it go, don’t hold back. Listen to what the zombies are saying. Listen to them chanting, “Join us, join us, join us, join us”. Come over and let me bite you in the neck. It’s OK, when you become a zombie, you will no longer feel pain. Come, join us. Bites Neck. And it’s done. Welcome! You have just joined the ranks of the Walking Dead. You will be very happy living a life as a zombie.

Chapter 1 of Rabid Zombies was published in the Fall Issue of the base line.


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