by Joshua Walters.

What’s really good? Let’s get Gucci with this language. Fasho not English, I’m talkin’ Ebonics, that lingo, or better yet, slang.

“I use slang a lot. If I see a girl I think is attractive I’ll tell her she bad,” Albert Mullins, Criminal Justice Major, said.  Albert, standing close to 6 feet, swerves through campus radiating confidence. Albert was comfortable enough to say what he felt about slang and his favorite slang words and phrases.

Yes, “bad” is the new beautiful ladies and gentlemen. Slang has made it possible to create new words or use existing words to carry a different meaning. Do you feel me? Translation: do you understand? A girl who is attractive is called bad and so now a girl who is unattractive is called a “ratchet.”  She thinks she looks cute, her behavior could possibly get her on a show called “The Bad Girls Club” but all she wants to do is “turn up.” The caption on her instagram reads “I’m about that life #turnt #faded.” The picture is her weave with the tracks showing. All bad. In this case bad means bad. Mind blown? It’s all in how you say the slang word and how you want to use a word or phrase.

It also depends on who you are talking to also and how you are using the slang.  No fellas, do not just go up to the first attractive woman you see and tell her she’s bad. Not all of us are near 6 feet and as confident as Albert. Women won’t take being called bad as a compliment even though it means attractive, it’s best used amongst guys.

Slang is heard all over campus. The campus Cafe  is popular among friends who  can discuss topics freely and comfortably.  Slang is used mostly around people who understand one another.  You wouldn’t speak French to someone who only speaks German would you?

“I use ‘that’s legit’ a lot, I mostly use it around my friends. Slang is an important part of our communication and it’s how we understand each other,” Chelshy (cx) Garcia, Psychology Major, said.

Chelshy (cx) was gracefully walking towards the Cafe  to meet up with her friends. Smiling and full of energy she did not hesitate to educate on what slang meant to her and her culture.

Slang is used all over social media and through text.  Students often have to explain to their parents what a word or phrase means. It’s important that everyone learns to speak this lingo. Slang is rapidly growing and words used in slang are being added into the English language, such as twerk and selfie.

Rappers are masters of slang. Their songs embody the culture and contribute to a mass of new words and phrases. Rappers might even start getting paid to become translators.   Imagine having to pay Kanye West to translate the slang people are using.  Hell no.  But he’d actually know what he is talking about.

Luckily there are alternatives to this.  There are multiple sources online to assist you in your journey of learning slang.   Among them are and

So if you are a student or professor who has heard a phrase or word you aren’t familiar with, just ask. Lets keep it one hundred. Get familiar so you can understand this slang language because no one wants to pay no lab rapper to be their translator.

Ain’t nobody got time for that. And you know this, maaaaaan.
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