Mitakuye Oyasin (We Are All Related)

by Sean Henry.

I can barely hold this feeling back!
My vocabulary is falling short,
Into ditches in our Mother Earth.
No words can identify,
No words can internalize,
What every blade of grass can say;
What every living entity displays.
It’s all so overwhelming!
The breath of every wind,
On our skin.

I woke up with a cloud in my mouth,
It’s hard to tell if Father Sky is blue in the face,
With all our pillars raised.
Spewing out the hate We made in laboratories,
Hidden from his gaze.
And dare we tell our stories
To our children?

My skull is ruptured,
Hemorrhaging soil of a blooming conciousness.
Flowers of awakening aromas
Grow from my ears.
Seeds sleeping in comas
Arise after years,
Of slumber deep and cold.
The universe is old,
But we believe it is our own.

There’s a fire in your mouth,
It burns backwards.
I told you to put it out,
I warned you to put it out.
Your lungs are torched
And now we’re breathing in the fumes.
Our throats and lungs are scorched,
But it tastes so good;
Mothers milk tastes so good.

Bear your witness to our shining moment,
As we set the world ablaze,
In our lust filled craze.
The fire of our city beacon,
As it goes up in flames.
The warnings were given
In subtle hints and petitions. Nobody listened.
Nobody listens.

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