Love Sick

by Sara Goding.


It dominates this special time of year.

Scientists claim love is a chemical reaction.  Philosophers may attribute it to one’s soul finding its mate.  Historians  describe love through great stories of the past.  The truth is no one seems to be able to agree and therefore,  love’s complexity remains a mystery.

Through several years of first-hand research, this writer will attempt to remove the veil and alert the reader to the true nature of love.

Falling in love is like getting food poisoning.

If one has been lucky enough to avoid this debilitating condition, congratulations.  However, this good health may only reflect a fear of trying new things or a reluctance for stepping outside of the comfort zone.  Within this bland existence, one may live happily to old age, yet never really live.

But love is like food poisoning.  Food poisoning may be contracted in a variety of ways.  Going to a new restaurant, enjoying exotic cuisine, drinking the water in a foreign land or even consuming food in one’s own home can bring it on.  In the case where foul water is the cause of illness, the crisp, refreshing coolness and the promise of satisfaction forces one to tempt fate and take a drink.

The first date.  Love stories are all  food for the imagination.  The look, the smell, the taste excites the senses.

Hours after the repast, the person goes to bed, happy and fulfilled.  Delicious memories of the delectable treats from the evening carry the innocent off to sleep.  Suddenly awakened from this peaceful rest and stricken with anxiety,  the poor unfortunate sufferer has no clue what is happening as the infirmity takes hold.  The heart races, palms sweat, and low grumblings are heard from the gut.  Fear and confusion take hold as a mortal realization sinks in.

Once a person feels the spark of love, there is no going back.  After meeting someone new,  the spirit is awakened from the sleep of monotonous day-to-day life.  The spark of love is lit. This is the point of no return.

The joyous experience, from earlier in the night, is violently thrown from the stomach in vile chunks of enchantments and spewed into the porcelain reservoir.  This outpouring is a confusion of feelings and emotions for the beloved.  Is this the right one?   The wrong one?

This first spell of vomiting offers temporary relief as it is flushed away and the person returns to the comforts of slumber.  Tricked into thinking this freak occurrence is over, one drifts off to sleep, only to find moments later, to be deceived.   Pulled ungraciously from wondrous revelries, the victim repeats the ritual of traveling from bed to toilet  throughout the darkest hours of the night.  Each time, resistance becomes weaker and the illness gets stronger.  Love grows and the lover laughs and cries.

The night passes and the morning sun rises.  A new day.  Weary and defeated, one shakes off the events of the night and tries to move forward.  But the person is forever changed.

Love is like food poisoning.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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