In a New Show, Fine Art Photography

by Julie Cosgrove.

Student photographers began gathering in the classroom, tossing mounted photos on the floor, talking and consulting and curating their show for the Center Arts Student Gallery in the CAA  building lobby.   (Story continues below the gallery of photographs from the show.)

Please click on any image to start the slide show.  (Photos are larger when viewed in the slide show.)

Instructor Anthony Lepore joined the milling students,  occasionally bending over to rearrange the photos.  It took them  45 minutes to decide which photographs looked best in juxtaposition, which should be at the beginning, how to manage the different sizes, the varied colors, moods.  When it was done, Lepore said, “The editing process is so exciting!”

“The challenge is to make a show that goes together when everyone is making different work and different projects,” Lepore said, “and to have them put a show together with each other is a unique learning experience.”

The photography covers a range of subjects, styles, moods, from portraits to still lifes, abstraction to surrealism.  Victoria Velastagui’s photograph is an abstract swirl of blue, yellow and red, created with a fish tank, colored dyes, light and water.  “As simple as that!” she said. She plans to translate her education into a career as a professional photographer with a business in the field.  She wasn’t sure if she would use her experiences in fine art photography in the business side of photography, but “It was so much fun, I’d take it again.”

Colleen Turok, on the other hand, is planning to become a photojournalist.   Turok is just another semester away from transferring but took the fine arts photography class because she appreciated instructor Lepore’s way of teaching.  “He really pushes you,” she said.   Lepore’s critiques are designed to help the student  see things in a different way and Turok is certain that the broadening of the mind that results will be useful in the field of photojournalism.  She photographs with both a digital camera and a medium format film camera,  liking the “integrity of film.”

In the end, 21 photographs were carefully stacked and carried to the CAA lobby and then the process was repeated, to adjust to the size and shape of the room.  String, leveling tools, hammers, measuring tapes and push pins were produced and finally all the photographs were mounted, labeled and the show opened.

In the gallery above, you can see some of the work.  The show closes in just one week, so catch the rest of it while you can!  The student exhibit from the Fine Art Photography class can be viewed in the lobby of the CAA building at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga through January 5, 2014.

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