Crappy Valentine’s Day

by Maribel Felix.

It is that time of the year again, the dreaded Valentine’s Day.  Lovers  make reservations, send flowers, get cute cards,  boxes of chocolates.  The list goes on and on.  It’s disgusting.

Like many of the anti-Valentine’s Day singles out there,  I think this day should be banned from the books.  It’s a reminder that you’re alone and will most likely do nothing but feel sorry for yourself.   While the rest of the world is out going  to dinner or being proposed to or doing any number of cliched things,  you’re not.

No one ever thinks about the individuals who don’t care about this stupid holiday or the lonely people who don’t have anyone to spend this day with.  It isn’t the best feeling to have the fact that you are single rubbed all over your face on Valentine’s Day.  Even if it’s only for one day,  it  doesn’t make it any less painful.

The stores are filled with stuffed animals, red and pink balloons, cards shouting  how amazing and incredible it is to be in love. The holiday that’s meant to be all about love can make some people feel terrible or worse, feel obligated to  go out and buy something unnecessary.  Valentine’s Day is even stressful for many who feel they have to do something special for their significant other on this day devoted to love.

If this wasn’t an entire holiday marketed by Hallmark,  I wouldn’t be this angry.   The best way to get through this day is to simply pretend it’s just a normal day, ignorance is bliss in this situation. It will make the sting of being alone less painful.

Crappy Valentine’s Day!

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One thought on “Crappy Valentine’s Day

  1. joshuaarnao on said:

    Great job!

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