Summer Projects: Portraits by CJ

During the summer, I went to Atlanta, Georgia to visit family and I
practiced drawing and other things…..(what happens in Georgia stays in

My drawings evolved with me and I noticed when I draw, the pictures
show where I am.

My sketchbook is like a journey. I get teased about that
sketchbook but my life’s work is there. And it shows I grow with my
drawings and my drawings grow with me.

I wasn’t always to be able to draw a lot, only anime characters, but now
I’m doing portraits of actual people.

I can look at people now and notice detail in their faces, pick up on
emotions, expressions. I couldn’t always do that. Of course, I could tell
if you were mad, but now, I pick up on subtle things just by looking. I try
not to be creepy, try not to stare, but I think, maybe I can air draw them
before they think I’m pointing at them.

The first drawing is a facebook friend, Vicky. I wanted to draw her
because she’s a woman and I haven’t drawn many women. They appear
much, softer, delicate whereas guys are rougher and more boxy.

My closest friend is Sammy. He wanted me to draw him when he saw my
portraits. So I looked at his facebook profile and drew his face. Just
drew it straight up.

Britanni is a friend of Sammy and when she noticed the drawing, she
wanted me to draw her too. I said okay, and Britanni was reborn!

Teanna is my sister. Because of that, I went all out, into the mode, tried
hardest to draw her the way I picture her. I managed to get the
shadowing on her face…but I still messed up few things, like the roots of
her hair. I didn’t know how to draw it at the time.

Funny thing is, I don’t know how to draw something until I start to draw.
In Georgia, I started drawing and drawing and noticing things, just began
teaching myself about drawing.

As soon as I finished a portrait, I would start another one right away. If I
did one Monday, I started the next one on Tuesday. I was surprised how
fast I grew with it.

Another of Sammy’s friends asked me to draw Vincent Valentine from
“Final Fantasy.” This guy was difficult to draw because of how delicate his
face is, but he’s a guy…he has the softness of a woman but with the
ruggedness of a guy… I just had to try my best here. I didn’t want
Vincent Valentine to become Vanessa Valentine…

Sammy said I should draw Nia Lovelis from cherri bomb. “Draw her,” he
said, “she’s awesome.” I said, “alright.” Sammy’s a fan-boy of the
band. And the next picture was Nia’s sister, Rena. I had to include detail
and tone, show emotion and the angle of her head. The cheeks are a
little too chubby, but you know, practice makes perfect, you try.

One thing happened this summer. I used to stress the technical and
tried to be perfectionist. I wanted to quit if things didn’t go right. But
something hit me, “You don’t have to be perfect, just keep going, just
keep drawing.”

It may not look like I wanted it to look at first. I would have to add a lot
of things to get the picture right. It was another epiphane: just forgive
myself if it’s not 100 per cent. But each picture got better.

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