Are There Tacos in Heaven?

by Ryan Geluz.

I just had the best.. conversation.. ever :

Me:  i hope they have tacos in heaven
Me:  like we can eat as many as we want and never get fat

Friend:  haha ya! i bet hell only has tacos, but shitty shitty nasty ones

Me:  no way
Me:  theres no food in hell
Me: especially not tacos

Friend:  hahahaha hell def has food.
Friend:  but ya no tacos.
Friend: probably all soy products or tofu or something like that lol

What do you think? Tacos in Heaven?

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3 thoughts on “Are There Tacos in Heaven?

  1. Just make sure they are not from Taco Bell!

  2. I think heaven should have green tea ice cream…and what’s wrong with tofu?

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