Two Paintings

by Rocio Medina.

I am an Art History major and an amateur artist. My favorite medium is acrylic paint on canvas. I enjoy adding thick layers of under-painting before beginning on my subject.  In fact, I am obsessed with the under-painting. My favorite base color is burnt sienna.  I primarily fill the canvas with dark warm colors. I usually add a dab of that color to everything.  My second favorite color is any dark shade of blue or purple.  My foreground tends to begin dark and then I gradually lighten where it needs to be lightened.  My brushstrokes tend to be stylized and active. I love depth, movement, drama, and mystery.

My pieces slightly resemble my love for French Impressionism. Listening to music is a must when I am painting.  My mind must remain active. I feed off other art and artists. My subjects are personal to me and they usually reflect my childhood, childhood perceptions, or loss. I do not care if I make a mess of myself while painting. I often stain my hair, my clothes, and I dirty my face like a three year old. And it’s ok because it makes me be physically part of my art.

Fabiola is my interpretation of a mobile photo taken of my cousin who lives in Mexico City.  She is my favorite cousin and she is the closest thing I have to a sister. She is a rebel and moved to a big city to live her life her way.  Tradition and conformity were not an option for her. She has a strong personality and will not put up with anyone.  She fascinates me because she is the only family member who is similar to me, an outcast.

Bird Beach is a painting reflecting my relationship with my mother. We are similar.  We kind of look and sound alike, yet we are so different. We will never see eye to eye.  I am a little part of her that will never be good enough. I can never reach up to her level. I had a lonely childhood. I am still lonely and a little lost. I am still looking for answers.

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