My name is C.J. Caldwell, art major,  graduate of Los Osos  High School in 2012.  I’m a   native Californian, grew up in the Inland Empire.  I began seriously thinking about art  during the summer of 2011, a season I call “the summer of firsts.”  It was when I did everything for the first time:  visited my sister, left California, flew on an airplane,  went to Atlanta Georgia.  It was the first time I tried to draw with lots of detail, the first time I tried to do portraits.  And when I left Atlanta, I drew my sister a rose.  I’ve kept all those firsts, that I think of as the beginning.   Picture double tears, for a happy summer of firsts.

I’ve actually been drawing since I was really little, maybe 5 years old.  But before that, I just loved to play video games.  People in my family say, “I’ve got a baby picture of you in diapers playing Saga Genesis.” My older brother tells me he would give me the controller from the games, leave it unhooked, and I still loved playing with it!

People began to notice my drawing, especially as they became more detailed recently.  My family seems to like it, Mom wasn’t too enthusiastic at first, but I’m winning her over lately.   Now she says, “Oh my gosh, you’re getting better.”  My sister agrees.  “Keep at it,”  they say.

Since then, I’m still inspired by video game characters. I’m actually self-taught, have had no instruction, except for game characters,  like in the Tekken series that I see on you-tube.  I use them for inspiration and a place to start sketching.  I might begin by making a fan drawing, for example,   of  Kazuya in his devil form (metamorphosis in his devil form).  Another character is King’s rival in Tekken, Jag, who is like a Jaguar.  From there, I developed my own made up character, named Jace.

This is my second semester; I’m juggling 4 classes, an apartment, and I help out at the Breeze.  I’m taking an art class that is surprisingly painful,  because it’s structured and most of it is not really familiar.  For example, my art teacher wants us to paint with color and make collages; you walk in there thinking it’s all dandy and cool but it’s difficult.  Tears, man, tears.

I draw manga  but I’m  trying to break away and do more realistic work.  {Manga is flat and cartoonish, without the shading.}  I hope to take manga and realistic drawing and put them together.

Something about seeing other artwork, inspires you to be better.  On you-tube, I saw that  Phantam Graphics managed to recreate Dragon Ball Z character  Goku and   draw him with charcoal or pencil shading so he  came out looking three dimensional .  Hope to get to that level some day.

The pictures I’m submitting reflect  my mood, what I’m feeling or if the time is right, the   thoughts and feelings of the day.  For example, when I drew the  girl, I knew I had almost never drawn women, so I just determined I would draw a woman in great detail.  That determination shows in the sketch, I think.  In any case, it’s a stepping stone for me. …this was my fourth attempt at a woman and it came out better than I expected.  Hope to make them better next time.

My personal goal is to draw something better, enhance skills, see how much better I can get.  When I see things on You-tube, or in life, or in the classroom and I see someone doing better, I think, I can’t take this lying down.  Have to do better.

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