Adventures in Thrifting

by Sara Goding.

Hello folks!   There are  strange things still happening at the American Way Thrift Store.

I have already blogged about some of the crazy customers (criminals) that frequent our fine establishment.  (Side note:  when a prostitute tells you that you do not want to know what she did for New Year’s, she is probably right)   We do have some amazing law abiding customers as well.

There was an attractive young girl that was completely dressed minus the shoes.  And of course my coworker and I were interested to learn what happened to her shoes.  Turns out, she is going a year without shoes to raise awareness for children around the world who do not have shoes.  People are sponsoring her and she has raised some serious money for shoeless kids, so if you see some hippie chick with no shoes, give her money and a hi-five because she rocks.

When the kids that visit our thrift store are not crying or running or jumping on the beds, some of them are actually pretty cool.  One kid believes his name is Darth Vadar and will only answer to that in spite of his parents.    Another kid who had the bat signal shaved in his head rolled around the store in the shopping cart like a thug.Ponch

We also have some new employees.  Potcheen is the love of my life.  He is an English bulldog and works in the back.  I love him and he loves my shoelaces.  It is the perfect relationship.

There is a lot  of hidden talent lurking in the ranks of our dedicated employees.  One such treasure is Lisbomb, a true artist who was recently featured in a candy art show in Los Angeles.

This is from her artist’s statement:

Elizabeth Ann started out modeling for numerous DIY artist and photographers.  She quickly  found herself acting in music videos and short films of a large community consisting of artists in the Los Angeles and Inland Empire area.  Naturally, that led her to experimentation of her own in the genre of film including visual effects.  Upon viewing her piece ” Elegant Mess” the derangement of David Lynch, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Andy Warhol come to mind.

Continuing down the path of artistic temperament, she is now trying her hand at music. Her new band “ALONE” is a minimal approach to songwriting with fellow local artist/ musician R.S Pineda. Together they inhabit a dark yet accessible territory of the sonic landscape.

My co-worker Elizabeth Ann stands head and shoulders above  the rest and is most definitely not an impostor.  Check out her artist statement and her candy coated creeper video… you’ll be glad you did.


Elegant Mess:

Band page



So I realized that sometimes I get so caught up in the drama at my work that I forget that we also have cool stuff.  Therefore, this blog will focus on the awesome merchandise we get.

First I must mention a disturbing contribution to our plethora of knickknacks,   a baby shark in a  floating in a jar of blue liquid.  So who donates that?  Or perhaps more importantly, who buys it? But someone did.  It was  like something out of Hoarders.

We also have some cool lunch boxes for all those lunch box aficionados out there.

If you love Star Wars, so do I.  We have ceramic figurines, collectors cups from the 80s, a giant Millennium Falcon and maybe the coolest is a R2-KT.  Don’t know what that is?  Well I didn’t so I looked it up and it turns out that LucasFilm and Hasbro got together and made a special pink R2-D2 to raise money for a girl with brain cancer.  They have a website where you can learn all about it at  It is awesome, check it out.

For the kid in all of us, WE GOT A PONY!!!!  That’s right, for $75 (30%off on the weekends) you can purchase a fully functional animatronic pony that moves and blinks and freaks out all the kids who try to pet it and do not know that it moves.  It is great for parties and no mess to clean up.  Bonus.

We have lots of cute clothes and I have decided to start wearing fancy pants.  That’s right I am growing up and buying big girl pants to go with my polka-dots and Godzilla t-shirts.  You’re welcome mom.

Ok, I can’t help myself I saw someone getting arrested.  He ran from the old folks home next door  and was tackled right in front of my store by 5 police officers. They had the tazer pointed at him and then beat him up pretty bad.  After they got the handcuffs on him they stood him up and I saw he was bleeding profusely from his head.  It was crazy.

Alright folks, that’s all I got for now, see you next time

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