The inspiration: a painting

Community Paint, Draw, Sculpt

video by Valeen Gonzales, story by Kim Gonzales.

“It’s here so that the public can come in and see an actual artist working and they can ask questions,” Bob Hurton, art and education major, had said, “Taking art away from just being an object that we see in a museum and making a real life thing that somebody’s creating.”

Perma Dirty has been a special community art exhibit since January early this year. At first when thinking about art exhibits one thinks of very strict no touching rules.

This is definitely not the case according to Cynde Miller,creator of Perma Dirty. This is a place where anyone can come to be an artist and to see one’s work. The gallery’s welcoming atmosphere attracts all different age groups and all who are willing  to further their education and experience with art. When asked about what Perma Dirty is Chaffey students had many positive things to say.

“It’s more then a gallery,” Camille Alaras, health administration major, stated,” I think Perma Dirty makes art more accessible to people.”

Other students of Cynde can agree that this helps them gain experience and gives them an opportunity to get their work in. Aside from this, many students have gone on to say that Cynde has opened them up to being more social and open to new challenges.

Perma Dirty started as a type of remembrance for Cydne’s father to keep his legacy going and eventually evolved into a community experience. Often a fan of collaborating art, she had been working side by side with a friend when others asked if they could join in. After numerous people had taken a part in this she decided to leave the canvas out to let members of the community paint on it. This later lead to the “Community Draw,paint,sculpt” show. Where anyone can go and feel like an artist, with friends,family, and people of all ages. This show will run for three months and is something not to be missed.

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