Hustle and roll, art, paper, scissors

by Jessica Rubio.

Hustle and Roll are not usually the first things that come to mind when you think of art.

Still it was the fitting title for a collection of student pieces presented in the CAA building  from Aug. 27 thru Sep.21,  by the (U)ntitled Club of Chaffey College.

photo by Jessica Rubio

Hustle and Roll involves a variety of contemporary printmaking pieces.  Each piece involves a rigorous process and much time to create.

Students had a chance to meet three of the artists at a panel discussion to talk about the idea of the print in the digital age.  All three artists went on to talk about how difficult it is to find equipment in this day and age when people are going digital in an effort to be “green.”  Scrap paper, for example, is harder and harder to find.

Artists Megan Flanders, Cynthia Garcia and Riane Redmond were all there to discuss their process of printmaking and the inspiration behind their work.

“Printmakers really have to be paper sluts,” Flanders said. “We can’t just go to staples and grab paper.”

“Artists have to get as much as you can out of a piece of paper,” artist Riane Redmond, said.

For these artists the materials, cost of equipment and resources to make their artwork has become a serious challenge.

“You beg, bargain and steal,” Flanders said.

When looking at the art you can see that time and precision are exhibited throughout each one of the piec

es.  “I’ve always been a fan of lines,” artist Cynthia Garcia said. “I started pushing myself to add more detail and be precise.”

Each artist has their own way of creating their work, and each artist dabbles in different areas of art.

Flanders described how printmaking is now often considered a “dead art form.”  Regardless of what the art world and others are saying about print “being dead,” these artists will continue to make masterpieces for all to enjoy.

Megan Flanders said “By all mean means, make art that makes you happy.”

Photos by Jessica Rubio,  top to bottom:

“Akaname” by Andee Ballew.

“Hustle and Roll” drew a crowd to the lobby of the CAA building during its exhibition August 27 to Sept. 21.

Riane Redmond, Megan Flanders and Cynthis Garcia explain what they had to do for the art displayed in  “Hustle and Roll.”

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