Toothy Questions and Straight Answers

What do you know about taking care of oral health?

courtesy Chaffey Dental Club

Whether it is about taking care of baby teeth, athletes

protecting their teeth, metal piercings in the oral cavity, the Chaffey College Dental Club can answer all questions.

Story by Jennifer Camarillo, Chaffey Dental Club

Can you answer the following questions? Go ahead and try!

1) Q. Should a person brush or floss first?
70% of people think that a person should brush first.
30% of people think floss.
Answer: Floss should be used before brushing. Any plaque (tartar) that is in between the teeth needs to be loosened first and then brushed off. It is recommended to floss once every 24 hours, because it takes plaque about 24 hours to stick back on to your teeth. Yuk!

2) Q. Should you use a hard bristle, medium bristle or soft bristle toothbrush?
20% of people said hard bristle is the best.
60% said to use medium.
20% said to use soft.
Answer: Soft bristle should be used. Hard bristle will cause gingival (gum) recession. But also, with time a person can also wear off their enamel*. Thus a person would be more likely to have cavities. (*Enamel: hardest substance in the body, covers the exposed portion of a tooth.)

3) Q. How many times a day should a person brush?
80% said 3 times a day.
10% said 2 times a day.
10% said after every meal.
Answer: A person should brush after every meal, but at least twice a day. The most important time to brush is before going to bed, it is the longest period where the mouth is close and bacteria has time to set-in and attach to the teeth, and with constant repetition calculus is formed. Make sure that you are brushing in circular motions and not just forward and back.

The Club is willing to answer all questions and will try to answer them through the paper and Facebook. The club can be reached by email at, or through Facebook:

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