Erica’s Sex Survey

It’s not easy to find students willing to talk about sex.  Honestly, I got the most disgusted looks when I asked, “How’s your sex life?”  It wasn’t until I said “Relax, I’m taking a survey,” that they opened up.

Story by Erica Smith.

In the end, 200 students have answered my questions on sex.  How do they like it?  Where is the proper time to do it?  Are you protecting yourself from the unexpected?

I was shocked to find out 10% of the students have reported that they are virgins, leaving 90% of the students to be sexually active.

Of those who are active, 33% say they practice safe sex with condoms, birth control or feminine condoms.  Other students use the withdraw method (pull out method).  When asked about the risks of the pull out method, many students claimed they know when to ejaculate.

Others have admitted that unexpected things have happened, such as pregnancies and S.T.Ds.

Some students are spicing up their sex lives by trying anal or oral pleasure methods.  35% of the students agreed that they preferred anal sex over vaginal sex.  50% thought that vaginal sex is just the better way.

Another student reported spicing up his life by masturbation in class.  Biology major (“please don’t use my name”)   proclaimed, “She was hot and in the right attire.  We were watching a movie in class and I saw an opportunity.”

Undecided major (“please don’t use my name”) reported, “I had a pool party where I experienced my first foursome.  I had three boom females to my lone self.  That night was amazing.  When the event was over I began cleaning my pool and found at least 20 plus condoms floating in my pool.”

Other students believe that sex is a commitment that is bound to one person.  About 15% of the students stated that they don’t believe in multiple sex partners.  With multiple sex partners, they run the risk of catching an S.T.D.

Staying protected is the key to having sex.  Safety is important.

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